Precision Actuators

Custom Controls

XT Series Precision Actuators

Our precision actuators are proudly manufactured in the United States.  The following features are available: 

  • Available with 400, 1200,  or 2500 In/Lb gearboxes 

(5000 In/Lb available early 2019) 

  • 0.5 degree valve precision using 4-20mA
  • 0.3 degree valve precision using Modbus
  • Programmable shaft speed
  • Customizable start/stop positions
  • Programmable safe position for loss of power events
  • Heavy Duty NEMA4 Rated aluminum casting
  • UL/CUL & CE Approved
  • SuperCap backup available as option to provide enough power for actuator to get to safe position
  • Full Open/Close (coming soon)
  • Hazardous location rated (coming soon)
  • Over 12,000 units sold worldwide!

XT Brochure

XT User Manual

XT Install Dimensions and 3D CAD File

We have been designing and manufacturing custom electronic controllers for over 35 years.  We have designed controllers for many applications around the world such as:

  • Air compressors
  • Freight elevators
  • Car washes (Both full service and manual spray)
  • Patient Lift Controllers for the medical field
  • Dental Products (ultrasonic  teeth cleaners and thermal heaters for root canal tools). 
  • As well as experience in Modbus, CANbus, RS232, RS245, networking protocols, custom firmware, custom operating systems, as well as many others.

If you need a rugged industrial controller tailored to your specific application, reach out using the contact us form and we will respond as quickly as we can.  If you could include potential volume needed, application, and timeframe that you’re looking for; we will reach out and try to determine if our capabilities match your needs.

Custom Controls



  • ‍◆ ‍Electronic ‍Printed ‍Circuit ‍Board ‍Design
  • ‍◆LED ‍Circuit ‍Board ‍and ‍Controller ‍Design
  • ‍◆Custom ‍Windows ‍Applications
  • ‍◆Custom ‍Firmware/Operating ‍System ‍Development
  • ‍◆Enclosure ‍Design
  • ‍◆Full ‍Functional ‍Board ‍Testing ‍Procedures ‍Developed


  • ‍◆Dual ‍surface ‍mount ‍production ‍lines ‍with ‍an ‍emphasis  on ‍quality ‍and ‍zero ‍defects
  • ‍◆100% ‍of ‍production ‍is ‍inspected ‍with ‍Automated ‍Optical ‍Inspection ‍that ‍inspects ‍proper ‍placement ‍and ‍solder ‍joint ‍of ‍every ‍component
  • ‍◆Every ‍product ‍goes ‍through ‍a ‍100% ‍full ‍functional ‍production ‍test
  • ‍◆Panel ‍shop ‍with ‍point ‍to ‍point ‍wiring ‍and ‍assembly
  • ‍◆Selective ‍Solder ‍Machine ‍uses ‍Nitrogen ‍to ‍ensure ‍repeatable ‍solder ‍joints ‍for ‍through-hole ‍components
  • ‍◆ESD ‍Protection ‍built ‍into ‍workstations ‍to ‍help ‍ensure ‍safe ‍handling ‍procedures

‍About ‍US

‍Update ‍Systems ‍was ‍founded ‍in ‍Saint ‍Louis, ‍Missouri ‍in ‍1979 ‍as ‍a ‍technology ‍company ‍engineering ‍and ‍manufacturing ‍custom ‍electronics.  We ‍focus ‍on ‍Zero ‍Defects ‍Quality ‍and ‍Exceptional ‍Customer ‍Service.  

‍All ‍of ‍our ‍products ‍are ‍designed, ‍manufactured, ‍and ‍MADE ‍IN ‍THE ‍USA!

‍Sister ‍Company

‍USI ‍Technologies ‍manufactures ‍industrial ‍LED ‍light ‍fixtures ‍for ‍High ‍Bay, ‍Low ‍Bay, ‍and ‍for ‍situations ‍that ‍IP67 ‍rating ‍is ‍necessary.  Visit ‍their ‍website ‍for ‍more ‍information!



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